June Release

Posted by Nathan Brewer on

The success of the March Release did nothing but make me want the progression of this brand to prosper even more. But what to do, what to do... So I jumped back on my designing software and pretty much started from scratch with my design concepts. The "Earn What You Deserve" slogan is what this brand represents from top to bottom. If you didn't bust your ass for it, YOU DON'T DESERVE IT. Along with the EWYD shirts you will also have the opportunity to purchase an authentic David Moore "Superior Kinda Living #83" Tee's in support of the Texas native, Seattle Seahawks 2nd Year Wide Receiver out of Gainesville, TX! The Bar Hopper Tee and the Workout Tee are being released in long sleeve fashion with a left breast pocket to keep your valuables (aka cigarettes, dip, and keys) closest to your heart. Once the printing is done, the photography will take place, commercial will be shot, YES I SAID COMMERCIAL!! And this ball will start rolling at stuuupid speeds. This second release will be the test to see what Blood Sweat & Brews is really made out of. Toss em back!